Split Quarters of Beef and Half Hogs


Due to the increase in interest in our wholesale beef and pork, we are temporarily moving to standard cuts only to accelerate our processing time. This will allow us to provide more product to more customers faster. You can currently call us to request a half of a hog and/or a split quarter of beef per household. Due to a limited harvest schedule, we will only have up to 20 half hogs and 8 split quarter beef available per week. Once those are sold out, we will begin taking order for future weeks. We cannot guarantee a ready date but will do our best to provide a timeline for pickup. 

All package counts and prices are estimates and will vary based on the size of the animal. All cuts will come vacuum packed. If the packages listed here do not suit your needs, we do have a store full of product that you can tailor accordingly.

Half Hog

Split Quarter Beef

Approximately $200 ($1.74/lb. on the dressed weight) 
40 – ½” Bone-In Pork Chops 2/pkg.
2 – 3-4 lb. Boston Butt Roasts 
30 – 1 lb. rolls of Mild Breakfast Sausage 
10 – 1 lb. packages Bacon 
3 lbs. Cut Up Spare Ribs

Prices will range from $375 – $600
Grain Finished: $2.99/lb. on the dressed weight
Grass Finished: $3.59/lb. on the dressed weight
2 – 2-3 lb. Chuck Roasts 
2 – 2-3 lb. Shoulder Roasts 
2 – 2-3 lb. Rump Roasts 
6-7 – Rib Eye Steaks 1” 1/pkg. 
6-7 – New York Strip Steaks 1” 1/pkg. 
4 – Filet Mignon 
3 – Top Sirloin Steaks 1” 1/pkg. 
1 – Flat Iron Steak 
2 – Short Ribs packages 4/pkg. 
½ – Brisket 
50 – 1 lb. rolls of Ground Beef

Whole Pigs for Barbeque

Hogs we receive from our local farmers can also be purchased whole for your next barbecue. If you are unsure about what size to order, the chart below has the recommended weight according to the amount of people you are going to be serving. Please contact us at least one week before the day you are planning to pick up to ensure it is ready.

We require a $50 dollar deposit on all hogs under 150 lbs. If you need to cancel, you must notify us 7 days before your scheduled pick up date to get your deposit back.

Under 25lbs.$6.00/lbs.
25lbs. - 49lbs.$5.25/lbs.
50lbs. - 74lbs.$3.20/lbs.
75lbs. - 99lbs.$2.80/lbs.
100lbs. - 149lbs.$2.30/lbs.
150lbs. and up$1.60/lbs.
PeopleWeight to OrderPeopleWeight to Order

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